Martín Gaitán

Negrito and proud Boca Juniors fan, If you'll forgive the repetition. I like to drink chocolate milk, drowning cookies and then rescue them with the spoon. How bad, I feel like a torturer of cookies.

I not believe in the horoscopes, religions nor in the DanActive, but I do in the "Olly olly oxen free", in the power of the people when is organized and in the positive energy that radiates the ants from New Zeland having sex. I've never been in New Zeland. And also, I'm convinced that what you feel for a women is clearer when you see her sleeping beside you.

I write and read. Seventh grade completed. I also shoot few photos. When I was a child and happy — not the only age I was happy, nor the unique time I was a child — I knew by heart few poems, but then I must forget them in order to use those neurons to learn integral formulas.

Althought I conceal it, I'm a geek (and this is my tech blog, btw). I work with computers "Computer Engineer", the paper says. I beleive in that things — not much in papers but computers — and also in the Internet. They are revolutionaries tools, and I do my best for democratize them. My laptop's name is "Morochita". Also my bike has a name, but , I don't want you think I have no friends and that's why I talk with things.